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AUGUST Onsite First-Aid & CPR (Harrow Ontario)

AUGUST Onsite First-Aid & CPR (Harrow Ontario)

The Standard First-Aid & CPR program meets the requirements as defined by Regulations 1101 of the provincial Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. This 16-hours program applies to all employers who are covered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act who are obligated to provide First Aid training, equipment, facilities and trained personnel in all workplaces.
  • Details

    Employer Requirements:
    Any employer with more than 5 employees on any shift
    Ensure that personnel in charge of a First Aid station
    Hold a valid Standard First-Aid Certificate

    Harrow, Ontario (more details to follow with confirmation)
    9am-5pm (Participants must wear masks)

    Program Length: 16 Hours (In any combination)@

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