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We are fanatical about providing quality first aid education.

The Ounce of Prevention Safety Services Team 



Our number one commitment is to consistently provide a program that is fun, and highly interactive delivered by energetic and engaging instructors.

Train at any level, from beginner
to expert. 



Whatever your expertise is, we offer customized onsite training programs to meet your workplace needs. 

Strengthen your skills and take a refresher course.

Our mission is to provide highly rated and engaging first aid and CPR training to both the public and privately booked audience utilizing an instructor base with advanced medical-care  knowledge. We strongly believe that the training you receive can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Can't make the class - try one of our online courses instead. 

Too many shifts, not enough time.


Whether your personal schedule is busy or you have a team on various shifts that require HEALTH & SAFETY training, online training may be the course for you!

Ounce of Prevention Safety Services Training
Need to train several team members in multiple course topics?
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people the first aid skills to act immediately. 

Individuals or Teams


We offer a wide variety on ONSITE FIRST AID training courses to meet your teams needs, including:


  • Standard First Aid

  • Emergency First Aid


  • CPR

  • Fire Extinguisher Program

  • AED

We now offer public and corporate First Aid classes in London, Ontario, contact us for details!

Talk to us about our Heath and Safety Management Program that allows you to train, track, document  and create online courses for your entire team on a budget friendly subscription basis. 

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When you're a member with us, we become your training hub to easily create and distribute courses, keep you in the loop with any legislation changes, and automatically notify you when employees require training. 
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