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Our Training Approach -

Who We Are


Ounce of Prevention Safety Services was created based on the experience and belief that first aid training can and does save lives. 


Our mission is to provide highly rated and engaging first aid and CPR training to both the public and privately booked audience utilizing an instructor base with advanced medical-care  knowledge. We strongly believe that the training you receive can literally mean the difference between life and death. Even for minor medical emergencies the training you receive can prevent further injury, and ease pain and suffering. 


With this in mind, we have crafted our vision statement to reflect our belief:  “Ounce of Prevention Safety Services is fanatical about providing  affordable, convenient, informative, and enjoyable first aid education with the goal of instilling the knowledge, skill, and confidence in the training that we hope you will never need to use, but should the situation arise, the confidence to act immediately".


The Ounce of prevention training team all have real world experience in the emergency medical services field,  as either paramedics, firefighters, or nurses. Contact us and learn more!

Ounce of Prevention Safety Services, constantly striving to be the best at preparing you in the event of the worst. ”




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