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Ounce of Prevention Safety Services Training



Teaching first aid in a classroom but then actually having to do "First Aid" in the real world are often two different things! Learning to adapt to a variety of situations is a keystone to our training. We offer onsite training to meet your needs; as well as a variety of online safety courses.


Our mission is to provide highly rated and engaging first aid and CPR training to both the public and privately booked audience utilizing an instructor base with advanced medical-care  knowledge. 

Our Trainers  

As one of the fastest growing agencies providing  private training in Ontario, Ounce of Prevention Safety Services is known to prioritize exceptional customer service along with the delivery of a unique, scenario based training program. Not only does our training speak for itself, so do our clients' testimonials (below).

The majority of our instructors work in the health care field as either paramedics, firefighters or nurses. Their real life experiences bring credibility and experience into the classroom. 

I have been taking this course for several years but this was by far the best one yet.  The instructors are very knowledgeable and personable.  The information is delivered in a way that makes it easy to remember.  I learned more in this training than any of the others .”


Adam Kant


I would recommend this course to anyone.  I had never taken any First Aid course before, and the instructors presented the information in a common sense manor.  I was a little intimidated about helping anyone before this course. 


Michel Ryder


By far the best First Aid course I have ever taken.  There was a lot of hands on training.  The scenarios that were used were based on actual emergency calls the instructors responded to.  The scenarios really built up my confidence to handle anything I may come across.”

Kevin Walker


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