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Units / Price

  • 1-10   / $124.95

  • 11-25 / $99.95

  • 26-50 / $84.95

  • 51-100 / $69.95

  • 101-500 / $49.95

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Aerial Lift - Online Training

75 minutes I average run time

Cut training costs, minimize time lost, and redice the cost of compliance by having your employees complete their Aerial Lift training online.


Aerial lifting devices are typically used throughout construction, industry, and warehousing. However, the versatility and safety factors incorporated into these devices allow them to be utilized in almost any environment.


Our Aerial Lift Training Program will focus on the safe operation of self propelled elevated work platforms and self propelled boom supported elevated work platforms. Once the online course has been successfully completed, a certificate will be printed and must be signed in the space provided by a competent individual verifying that a hands-on practical evaluation has been completed within your facility.


Modules include: 


  • What is Due Diligence                                                   

  • Internal Responsibility System                                  

  • Responsibility, Authority and Accountability

  • Establishing Due Diligence

  • Criminal Code of Canada

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