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Wondering how to transition your team back to work. We can help you plan how to get your team back on the job safely.


With the Provincial government announcing a gradual re-opening of the economy today, It is critical that businesses exercise extra caution and diligence in how they start back up to prevent outbreaks. the leadership of each organization must approach this transition strategically, with kindness and empathy at the core. people including employees are nervous, upset, skeptical  and scared.


Ounce of Prevention Safety Services is here to help , we have already helped a few clients by offering safety solutions related to COVID which include: creating appropriate response plans, consulting, resource training, risk assessment and management. We also offer medically accurate design of non -invasive individualized COVID screening protocols. They are designed to minimize and manage risks keeping everyone safe and allowing for continuance of work.


We are to help design and develop specific:


  • policy and procedure 

  • internal assessment and screening forms 

  • sanitation protocols 

  • screening tools

  • Doctor or medical staff support

  • PPE recommendations and training


Through education we will help ease the fears of your team and transition them comfortably back to work  with an engaging , interactive COVID training session of 2 hours, can be virtual or in person. Contact us today to learn more.

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