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  • 1-10   / $32.95

  • 11-25 / $30.95

  • 26-50 / $27.95

  • 51-100 / $25.95

  • 101-500 / $22.95

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Incident Investigation - Online Training

60 minutes I average run time

Cut training costs, minimize time lost, and reduce the cost of compliance by having your employees complete their Incident Investigation training online.


An incident can be defined as a sudden, unplanned event that causes or could have caused harm to a person or damage to property.  Incidents can happen in any workplace, at anytime.  In fact, across Canada there are approximately 250,000 lost-time injuries which occur each year—and that doesn’t even include near-misses or incidents that did not result in lost work time.


Investigations get to the root causes of the incident, so similar occurrences can be prevented and future losses in the workplace can be avoided.  Therefore it is essential to ensure those who are responsible for investigating incidents are properly trained.


This course will provide managers, supervisors, committee members and health and safety representatives with a proper foundation and understanding of accident causation and prevention.


Modules include: 


  • Introduction to accident/incident investigations

  • Gathering information about the event

  • Analyzing the facts related to the event

  • Implementing corrective measures to prevent reoccurrenc

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Description of an investigation kits

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