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Units / Price

  • 1-10   / $29.95

  • 11-25 / $24.95

  • 26-50 / $19.95

  • 51-100 / $15.95

  • 101-500 / $12.95

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Ladder Safety - Online Training

45 minutes I average run time

Cut training costs, minimize time lost, and reduce the cost of compliance by having your employees complete their Ladder Safety training online.


Do your employees ever have to use ladders, even just short step ladders, throughout the course of their work day? If so, they can benefit from ladder safety training. Our online learning software makes it easy to learn how to safely use ladders. From a fire safety ladder to a large and bulky extension ladder, your employees will be protected. 


The use of ladders may be unavoidable in your business or industry. Step ladders, portable ladders, extension ladders, and even fixed ladders all carry a risk of injury. Online ladder safety education, however, can teach you and your employees how to safely use ladders, identify a defective ladder, and manage different ladder types.


This high quality, extensive ladder safety training will guide you and your employees through an introduction to ladder safety as well as a description of potential risks and hazards that ladders may cause. This course is designed to be applicable to different industries and businesses, so ladders like trestle ladders, wooden ladders, access ladders, and a variety of other ladder types and styles are discussed and evaluated. 


Modules include: 


  • Hazard Identification and Control

  • Ladder Selection

  • Inspection Procedures

  • Safe Ladder Setup and Use

  • Proper Care, Transportation, and Storage

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