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Units / Price

  • 1-10   / $32.95

  • 11-25 / $30.95

  • 26-50 / $27.95

  • 51-100 / $25.95

  • 101-500 / $22.95

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Lockout - Online Training

45 minutes I average run time

Cut training costs, minimize time lost, and reduce the cost of compliance by having your employees complete their Lockout training online.


Failure to control the release of hazardous energy while servicing and maintaining equipment has the potential to causes some of the most severe injuries in our workplaces.


This program is designed to ensure employers, management, and workers understand the hazards associated with uncontrolled energy and the proper methods of controlling that energy through a properly developed and implemented lockout program. Upon successful completion, a certificate will be issued automatically. 


Modules include: 


  • Lockout and Definitions                                     

  • Lockout Processes

  • Hazardous Energy Control Program                              

  • Alternate Hazardous Energy Control Methods

  • Lockout Devices and Steps to Lockout              


Upon successful completion, a 2 year Lockout certificate will be issued automatically.

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